Thoughts From a First Time Voter

Did you vote?  Actually I cast my ballot last week to avoid the rush…but stood in line for four hours.  Ok, perhaps I could have gone another time and not waited so long.  However, it was interesting talking to the people in line.

One of the people we talked to was an 18 year old college student who was voting for the first time and it was obvious she was excited.  I asked her many questions about how she chose who she voted for.  It was clear that she had given the matter a great deal of thought.

I asked if she was voting the way her parents were and she laughed.  The young woman said she was but it was not her orginal intention.  One of her classes is a government class and the teacher gave them an assignment to research the issues and how the candidates stood on them.  She told me that before the assignment, she was leaning in one direction, but after doing the project she decided to vote for the other person.  It made her realize how important it was to really know the platform and record for each contender.

We never discussed who we were voting for, but I am sure that the future is in good hands if more young voters are like her.  One thing that impressed me was that she said she took this privilege to vote seriously and wanted to make it count.  She did, in my opinion, because she cast an informed vote.

That is what we need in this country–more people that make an informed decison, based on what the key issues are (not the side issues) for the continuation of our country and on what they feel are the best way to deal with those issues.  Then find the candidate that best fits that criteria and support him or her.  No one is going to agree completely with every candidate, but pick the most important issues and you will find the person you want to lead us.

A group of us waited after we voted for this young lady to come out and we applauded her, congratulating her on joining the ranks of US citizens who love our country enough to vote.  I hope there are many more like her out there.


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