Skype is a Godsend

We spoke with Mason!  He is able to use Skype–so not only did we speak with him; we saw him.  Well, the first time we got to see him in real time.  The second time he was having some trouble with the internet and he was only able to talk–no visual.

But it was so uplifting to see him and hear his voice.  It just lets you know he is okay.

And what a wonderful thing for his family.  They get to see him and it doesn’t seem like he is that far away.  He can keep up with everything going on and still feel like part of the family instead of suddenly being an outsider.

Imagine what it must have been like when a man marched off to war and the family heard little or nothing from him until he returned or they received a notice that he was KIA.  Even worse, being told he was MIA or they just never heard from him again.  I can only begin to imagine how unbearable that must be.

My dad told me that during WWII he stopped writing home because it was just too difficult to think about home while he was just trying to make it to the end of each day still alive.  I have often wondered how my grandmother dealt with that.  At some point in the war, she had four sons overseas.  It must have weighed heavily on her.

So, for now, we are missing our Mason but feeling blessed that we live in this time with our technology.  And, as always, we are very proud of him and his comrades who answered the call to serve our nation.

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