Significance of the Blue Star

The day our son left to go to the Middle East to serve our country, I hung a blue star on our porch wall.  Very few people have mentioned it–if they have even noticed it.  But it significant for us.

I am blue star mom, which means I have a child serving in the military in a war zone.  The Blue Star Mom organization began in 1941 in Flint, MI.  Their membership has waxed and waned over the years, but it is still active.  This brave moms who haved kissed their babies goodbye and stayed at home waiting for word that they are okay are heroes in their own right.  Keeping the home fires burning and spirits high is not easy when news of your child is the exception rather than the rule.

How do we cope?  We pray–not only for our child but for all the others also in harm’s way.  We send care packages so they can have a little piece of home in that land so far away–always tucking in a little extra that can be shared.  We talk to other moms in the same situation and offer hope and comfort to each other.

Some moms do a lot of volunteer work with service people and veterans.  That seems to make them feel a little closer to their own child.  These women are strong but also afraid.  They are hopeful but also sad.  They are proud but also longing for their child to return home.

This is our first deployment–I have met women whose child has done four and five.  They say it doesn’t get easier, but they have learned which coping skills work for them.  Hanging the star, I thought it would be a reminder to me to pray for Mason every day when I saw it.  What I have found, however, is that he is never far from my mind and I pray for him several times a day–no need for a reminder.

So if you see a blue star in a window or on a wall, know what that family is going through and where their baby is.  Say a little prayer for the serviceman represented that he or she comes home safe and sound.  That is what Blue Star Moms want more than anything else in the world.

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