Military Families–Unsung Heroes

We all know and appreciate the courage and sacrifice of our military forces.  That can never be overstated.  But today I want to talk about the unsung heroes at home.  They have always been there supporting the troops, loving them, grieving for them, rejoicing at their return, and coping with the difficulties of building lives following long deployments.

Imagine a wife during the Revolutionary War watching a husband march off to fight for the rebels when she only wanted peace with England.

Imagine a mom during the Civil War worrying about her sons who were fighting God knows where–but knowing that one was in gray and one in blue.

Imagine children seeing fathers travel to Europe for the War to End All Wars (WW I) not even knowing where Europe was.

Imagine my grandmother who, during WWII had two sons in Europe and two in the Pacific.  She rarely heard from them–my father told me he stopped writing home because it hurt too much to thing about the fact that he might not ever see the green Tennessee mountains again.

Imagine a family knowing their soldier was going back to the Middle East for his fifth tour, praying that he will again make it home.

These are the people who, over the centuries, have sent and are sending letters, cards, emails, Facebook greetings, and goody boxes.  They have knitted socks and scarves, baked, shopped, and prayed until the loved one comes home.  They have kept the family intact, acting as both mother and father.  Grandfathers have stepped into a father role and coached a baseball team.  Aunts have relocated to help her sister with the kids.  They cope with their own fears and then hide them in order to reassure their children.

They have loved and prayed and still do.  They are filled with pride clouded by fear.  If you know someone whose loved one is in the military, especially if deployed, please tell them thank you.

Because these families do what they do, our troops can concentrate on what they have to do on and around the battlefield so we can continue to live in freedom.

God bless them all.

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