Learn Patriotism at Home!

Recently I saw a YouTube video entitled  I Fought For You by The Sound Tank. It is an excellent way to start a discussion with your child about our country. Next month on November 11 we celebrate Veteran’s Day, a day set aside to honor all those men and women who have served our country and played a part in gaining and preserving our freedom.

Perhaps it means more to me this year that my son is deployed in Afganistan.  Perhaps because my dad, a WWII vet is 88 and every day with him is precious.  I hope you find a vet or someone currently serving and thank him or her.

It is more important than ever that we have these discussions with our children because many forces are trying to take away our freedoms these days and we must be vigilant. But, even more important, we must teach our children to be on guard against attacks from outside and from inside our borders. Some attacks sound innocent enough until you scratch under the surface and find out the true goals.

Therefore we must (and we must teach our children) to never take a pundit’s or a politician’s or a reporter’s word as absolute fact until we have done the research ourselves. Our country has always been united in its desire to protect our freedom. We need to continue on that path or face loss of what we hold dear about our wonderful country.

Talk to your kids–make sure they know that freedom comes at a price. It is sometimes a steep price, but worth it. Ask any Gold Star mom (one who has lost a child in military service) and she will tell you how proud she is of her child’s desire to play their role in our country’s history.

Don’t let our children forget.

My father fought for YOU.

My son fights for YOU.

I pray that God holds each of our troops in His hand.

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