Home is the Sailor…

IMG_6406Our son is coming home!  He has left the sandbox and will be with us soon.  Happy dances all around!

It has been a long nine months, but it is finally here.  I thought I would share with you what I have been grateful for during our son’s deployment.

  1. He has been safe from harm–while not completely out of harm’s way, he comes home sound and healthy.
  2. The internet–it has allowed us to stay in touch with him and actually see him on occasion.
  3. Today’s phones–we could text and if absolutely necessary, we could speak on the phone.  So different from earlier wars in which the family had to remain in the dark during the deployment.
  4. Having wildly supportive and patriotic family members who were there to talk to and who love this country as much as we do so they understood his need to do his part.
  5. Having online and local community resources that supported us and sent him boxes while he was gone.
  6. It was only for 9 months.  When my dad went to WW II, he was there the whole time and his first leave was when the war was over.  (He did get a break during his bout of dengue fever, but that was not really much fun for him.)
  7. Having a daughter in law who is so wonderful and understands that we love him as much as she does.  She was always willing to share with us what she was hearing from him and kept us up to speed.  (interestingly, he called her every day but not us…go figure. lol)
  8. Having a son who was willing to do his part to protect our national interests and to put himself into harm’s way to keep us safe.  We are so proud of you, son!IMG_0155


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