Forget the Fourth of July

IMG_1648That is what most people do.

Ok, they don’t forget to have picnics, take the day off work, drink adult beverages, run in races, and watch fireworks.  No one forgets it is a holiday–a time to relax and have fun.

But they forget to remember and honor what was sacrificed in order to have that relaxing holiday.  They forget to spend time with their kids talking about what the day actually means.

IMG_1629When Benjamin Franklin signed the Declaration of Independence he is famously quoted as saying, “We must all hang together, gentlemen, or else we shall most assuredly hang separately.”

They were signing their own death warrants.  The founders of this country believed in liberty so fervently that they were willing to sacrifice their fortune, their lands, and their lives for it.  To the British and to the Loyalists, these people were traitors to the Crown.

However, the signers of the Declaration of Independence saw it differently.  To them, a new country was being created in which each person would eventually have full liberty to pursue their own dreams of happiness and success.  No longer would they be pushed around and taxed by a far away country who had no idea who the people living in the 13 colonies really were.  Now they would create a climate in which the people told the government what to do–not the other way around.

That is what makes our country exceptional.  That is what we must pass on to our children.  It is how we honor those who earned our freedom.  It is how we honor those who have guaranteed our liberty for us over the years with their sacrifices.

So enjoy your holiday, but celebrate the cause.  Spend a few moments to educate our next generation about the miracle of our country.  Instill that wonder and love of what we have here in the US in them at a young age so they never forget it as they grow older.

If you don’t do these things, just forget the holiday.  You don’t deserve to enjoy it.


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One Response to Forget the Fourth of July

  1. Diane Kozak says:

    Thank your son for his service! I strongly agree with what you say on this website. I wrote three books about American kids fighting for their country in a different way – fighting terrorists – just to inspire patriotism in young adults. I sometimes wonder if they understand what it means to be an American. Do they get choked up when they hear The Star Spangled Banner? Do they thank soldiers – past and present – for their service? Do they look at war memorials and pray for those lost? I mostly wonder will our children fight for this country when she needs defending? I have faith that they will. After all, your son is evidence that the American spirit still burns strong.

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