Children Thank Veterans

Veterans lined up.  Children passing by to thank them for their service to our country.  What a great sight!

My grandson’s elementary school had a ceremony for veterans today.  He asked his great-granddad to attend.  Daddy (the one in the beige ball cap) was, at first, hesitant, but agreed.  We arrived early and settled in for an enjoyable time of gratitude, patriotic songs, and interesting people.

It was heart-warming to see these youngsters shake hands and thank the military members who were there.  It gives me hope for the future that our children are still being taught to respect our military and express gratitude for their service and sacrifice.

If you see someone this weekend who has served or is still serving, please take a moment to show your appreciation in some way.  What they have done was, or is, difficult for themselves and for their families.  Let them know that we know that we owe them everything.

God be with our military and our leaders in this difficult time.

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