American Exceptionalism on Display in Boston

Imagine the endless hours spent training for a marathon and now the day has come.  You are in peak condition and excited about being one of the chosen few who get to run the Boston Marathon. You are nearing the finish line and the unthinkable happens.  Suddenly there is an explosion.  Yes, it is Patriot’s Day, you are participating a nationally recognized program, and you are now the target of a terrorist attack.

On Patriot’s Day in Boston, there was a cowardly attack on defenseless people who were enjoying the iconic marathon and cheering for friends and family as they made their way along the 26.2 mile route.

Eight year old Martin Richard had just hugged and congratulated his dad on completing the marathon.  Suddenly a bomb denoted near him and that was the last thing a beautiful child did on this earth.  Imagine you are that dad.

Imagine you are the mother of  two sons who went to the marathon to cheer on a friend.  You think nothing of it, going through your day, until you get a call from one of them telling you that he thinks he is hurt bad and he doesn’t know where his brother is.  That happened to one mom who later learned that both brothers had lost a leg as result of a bomb blast near them.

Innocents killed and maimed in a cowardly attack that was supposed to instill fear into the hearts and minds of the people in the US.  And yes, it did momentarily for some.  But for others, it had the opposite effect.  Many raced toward the blasts  to aid the wounded.  Runners ran straight from the finish line to the hospitals to donate blood.  With broken bodies and unattached limbs surrounding them, Americans took off their own belts and shirts to make tourniquets and bandages, saving many lives.

People opened their homes to strangers or gave them the coat off their backs to warm them.  Restaurants offered food and drink and didn’t expect payment from runners who had no way to get back to their belongings.  Businesses offered people a place to come to just not feel alone for a while.

No one asked the victims if they were Democrats or Republicans.  No one cared about skin color, what God they worshipped, or what the person did for a living.

Yes, we have differences of opinions about our country’s direction or who should lead it.  Yes, we don’t agree on everything.  But be assured, when we are attacked, we circle the wagons.  Our country is like my children when they were growing up.  They argued every day.  But God help someone who hurt one of them because he would have to answer to the other two!

In July there is a big race in Atlanta, the Peachtree Road Race.  I am signed up to run in it and, by God, I will be there if I have to crawl the whole 6.2 miles.  You will not scare me away from my life and make me cower in my house.

This is what America is, you cowards! And now, we not only are NOT afraid, we are angry.  Keep looking over your shoulder because we will be there.  We are your worst nightmare.  We are Americans!  God bless our country and its people.

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