The Patriot Parent

America Is Under ATTACK!

Every Parent Has the Potential to Save America, But You MUST ACT NOW!!

No one has to tell you what I’m about to tell you. It’s no secret. You’ve instinctively felt it. You’ve been feeling it for years now slowly brewing up to the point where it is out of control.

Maybe, you knew something was amiss, but you weren’t able to put your finger on it… or you knew exactly what was bothering you, but you were too afraid to voice your opinion… or you felt hopeless simply because you knew there was a problem, but you didn’t know what to do about it.


If you didn’t know… This is your wake up call!



And everything that we know, believe and love is at stake. It’s an all out blitz against the America that is the symbol of our values and our freedom.

  • We are under attack by terrorists who hate us
  • We are under attack by the politicians, teachers, and activists who are constantly undermining us
  • Parents are under attack by a government who is undermining their authority
  • We are under attack because of our own unwillingness to stay informed, honor our civic duties and speak up even when it is not the popular conversation

No wonder US patriotism is at an all time low.

Voters are going to the ballot box, not armed with information or intellect, but starry eyed from the influence of catchy slogans, media agendas, and an obsession with celebrity.

Sadly, too many voters don’t know the basics about our country, such as:

  • How our free market economy encourages personal growth and national advancement
  • Who is the Secretary of State? The sitting Vice President? What do they do?
  • What are the differences between the parties?
  • Basic knowledge of the Founding Fathers; what it took to begin this republic; what sacrifices it has taken to maintain this democracy
  • How the electoral system works.
  • and the list of our limited knowledge goes on and on.

It is time for parents to wake up and take an active role in educating their children about the exceptionalism of the United States.


It’s okay to be patriotic




Pride in self and one’s country is the backbone of any nation. Reviving patriotism is the key to saving America.

Our kids need to be taught to love this country—warts and all—and to believe that it has been, and still is, the best form of government ever devised.

We can’t expect them to have incentive to stand up, fight for and love this country if we haven’t instilled the knowledge for them to see and remember what an exceptional country they live in!

If you watch too much of our media, you will get the sense that patriotism is a sin… a bad thing… or something to be ashamed of.

I have compiled a guide that will end your feelings of hopelessness.

The Patriot Parent: Still the Best Hope for America assists parents in transferring the passion and patriotism that they have for this country to their children.

The present, near future and distant future rely on simple strategies that are available in this guide. As one reader said:




“My HONEST impression is that you are spot on telling parents to be proactive in educating their kids to embrace our country and all the things that make it the best country in the world- it may not be perfect and there are a lot of problems, but it IS the best country in the world…”

This easy to read, yet comprehensive eBook answers today’s most compelling questions:

    • What is so great about America?
    • What is patriotism?
    • Is there really a problem with patriotism?
    • Are our kids being brainwashed?
    • What 5 things must parents do today?

The book also includes time-honored songs, essays and documents that glorify our country that every child should know.

Click the icon below and get instant access to the MOST POWERFUL WEAPON to stop the onslaught against the American values you cherish.

I want to do my part to save the country!



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